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Welcome to the new website.  For years we've only had a presence on the net and in that time we've grown to international work on desalination, high purity water for manufacturing, food and fluid processing , reclaiming and recycling waste water. Those that have been around us, know we've not been thinking out of the box but over the horizon and according to some, over the horizon in another galaxy.

Last year we were named Authorized Service Provider of the Year by Rinnai.  How does a small company in a place no one can pronounce win this--by going to an extent few others are willing. It's been the same way we've always approached problems, understanding problems and technology at its root with a can do attitude.

Now we are moving forward to the future of water not only at home level by starting with a clean sheet of paper and taking a cue from nature and an eye to new low to no impact technologies.  In the near future, we'll be holding workshops, offering DVD's, books and courses in our work. We've have been on radio, quoted in print and sought and taught  classes and groups on all things water and available to your organization.

We've closed the loop to reuse the water to reduce impact on natural resources by creating intensive aquaponics systems that produce foods, botanicals, ornamentals and reusing reclaimed water onsite in the home proving that less than 15 gallons per person per day can be used to sustain quality of life when the average person in the US is 120 gallons. This means less energy, lowered costs, less waste in the environment  and hope for future generations.